Civil Rights

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Hugh Hefner: Abuser And Civil Rights Advocate (They Can Coexist)

Hugh Hefner - people either love him or hate him, and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of room for middle ground. He was an abuser and civil rights advocate.

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Ain't I Black? On The Historical Erasure Of Black Female Leaders

A recent rally was held in NYC to honor Rekia Boyd, another casuality of police brutality. No one showed up.


The Many Many Problems With The New Sex Work Show 8 Minutes

Under the guise of philanthropy, 8 Minutes essentially blackmails some of the most marginalized and powerless people in society.


Apple CEO Rips Into LGBTQ Discrimination Laws—And It's Glorious

Outrage was sparked across the nation when Indiana and Arkansas announced their intention to enact


The Third Puberty Is The Hardest

I should not need to traverse a still-broken, still-treacherous medical system to get permission and access—I want a body I feel is mine to manage.

A behind-the-scenes shot of rehearsal. Courtesy of Beyonce's Facebook

The Problem With Beyonce's "Precious Lord" Cover At The Grammys

So, if there are so many ways to sing this song, and if it's meant different things at different points, why complain about Beyoncé's version?


Mormon Church Comes Out "In Favor" Of LGBT Rights, I Call Bullshit

As a former Mormon, the Church's revelation that they're going to start “loving and accepting” the LGBT community makes me laugh. Hard.


Happy Belated Birthday, Dr. King! Love, Your Not-So-Subtly Racist Pal, Woolite

Dark skin Black girl. Black dress. Tagline: For the Love of Darks. We see you Woolite. Your blithe ignorance is keeping racism alive.