The Senate isn't interested in taking care of people, but teenagers are doing a darn good job taking care of themselves.

Teens Take Care Of Their Health Better Than Senate Republicans Take Care Of Anyone

Does the Senate health care bill suck? Yes. But because I hate to wallow in bad news, here’s something in the world of health and bodies that is a positive development: teens are more apt to use contraception now than in the past.


A Study Has Finally Proven What Women Have Said For Years: Birth Control Pills Mess With Your Health

We’ve been telling researchers, doctors, and anyone who will listen that we’re not satisfied with the birth control pill because of its side effects for years, but maybe this latest study from Sweden will make them actually listen.

College students will soon have vending machine access to contraception. Welcome to the world of 2017.

#RavsRadar: Contraception From A Vending Machine On College Campus. THIS IS HAPPENING.

This isn’t your old-school, gas-station-bathroom condom dispenser, either. It's called a Wellness To Go station that sells condoms, Plan B Emergency Contraception, pregnancy tests, tampons and pads, and even over-the-counter painkillers like Advil and Tylenol.

To make it work with methods that aren’t as conventional or effective (which most nonhormonal methods are not), you have to make a game plan and stick to it.

Navigating Contraception When You Have Mental Illness

I began to see my mental health go completely downhill. This led me to seek out a psychiatrist, who raised an interesting concern: she thought my birth control was messing with my depression. It’s not like I hadn’t been aware of the link between hormonal contraception and depression before, but it never occurred to me that these two personal realities could be connected.


Lack Of Sex-Ed Leads To Skyrocketing Abortion Rates In China's Teens

If you ever want to see what happens when young people aren’t given necessary information about sex, sexual activity, or contraception, look to China.


We Don’t Care About Birth Control Side Effects Until They Happen To Men

These side effects are not new to hormonal birth control; rather, hormonal birth control is new to men. Women and other folks with vaginas have been dealing with this sort of issue since... well, ever.


How Do You Prevent Pregnancy? Arkansas Wants To Know.

Students at Arkansas colleges and universities are finding some new information added to orientation materials:

[M]any doctors aren’t properly educated on matters of sexual health. Image: Thinkstock.

Our Schools And Doctors Don't Get That Contraception Goes Beyond The Pill

While there are numerous contraceptives that fall under the umbrella of “birth control,” people in North America have many misconceptions surrounding their options in this sphere.