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Night Sweats: Beating The Heat Of The Perimenopausal Moment

...I’m going to help you! By “help” I mean “tell you all the things that didn’t work.”


My Daughter Is A Gift—But Her Autism Is Not

I simply can't accept autism as just another variation of normal.

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New Research Could Change The HIV Game Forever

Oxford scientists may have discovered the key to reducing HIV's incredible virulence.


Say Hello To Vaginismus, The Locked Vagina Syndrome

The intricacies of happy vaginas are ever baffling. Thanks again, Nature, for throwing us through a loop with this rare and terrifying sexual disorder.


Watermelon! Good for Tastebuds, Great For Penises!

What better way to stave off summer's oppressive rays—and add oomph to your sex life—than by indulging in a juicy watermelon?


The Orgasm Machine Isn't Happening You Guys

Government funding fails us again.


HPV Cure Found, Universe Collectively Fist Pumps

In the famous words of Tag Team's 90s mega-hit: Whoomp! (There it is.)