Eryn Gilchrist

That Prick From Maine Now Has Opposition, And It's A FEMALE DEMOCRAT

Leslie, who was running unopposed for a house seat in Maine, is no longer. That's right, the internet, in the way only it can, rallied to find a candidate.

Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Makes History

Prejudice against women has existed in this country since its very inception. Indeed, prejudice against women has existed throughout all of history, long predating the presence of America, and sexism continues on unabated today, in most parts of the world. And it goes mostly unaddressed, much less eradicated.

Answering the questions about the Iowa Caucuses you were scared to ask.

OK, But What Exactly Are The Iowa Caucuses?

You're probably also secretly wondering what a caucus is, as you likely live in a state that does primary elections instead of the more complicated caucus process.


Gay Republican Group Turned Away From Western Conservative Summit

In social justice circles, the word "Republican" is more-than-sometimes attached to a rather sullied image shall we say.


Meet Saira Blair: West Virginia's Just Elected 18-Year-Old Lawmaker

West Virginia's youngest lawmaker is conservative college freshwoman Saira Blair.

We call this Instagram filter "The Scandal" (Credit: ThinkStock)

Is The White House Engaged In A Prostitution Scandal Cover-Up?

Why is former Secret Service agent Jonathan Dach getting special treatment? And could his wealthy dad be involved?

Like, SO annoyed over that boyyyy! (Credit: YouTube)

Watch: GOP Fails (Again!) At Understanding Women

A new Republican-backed anti-Obama ad is NSFW. Not because it's obscene, but because it'll make you laugh so hard.