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Is it possible to keep my trans family safe?

How Can I Keep My Trans Family Safe Under Trump's Administration?

The Trump administration plans to define trans people like me out of existence. How can I keep my trans family safe now?

I don't care what Donald Trump eats.

I Don't Care What Donald Trump Eats, And Neither Should You

I don’t care what Donald Trump eats, or any other president for that matter. I don’t care if he exercises. Health is not guaranteed under any circumstance.

“We’ve got to be nice and cool, nice and calm. All right, stay on point, Donald. Stay on point. No sidetracks, Donald. Nice and easy.” (Image Credit: Instagram/donaldtrumpjokes)

It's Presidential Joke Day. Laugh It Up, America (LOLSOB)

Whatever you choose to call Trump’s somewhat less-than-presidential-much-less-good words and actions, today is the day to celebrate them by mocking them online. Thankfully (?) Trump has given us plenty of material to work with.

Trump also said it would take him roughly 90 minutes to learn “everything” there was to know about nuclear missiles.

Some Dudes Think They Can Learn 'Everything' In 90 Minutes

As Tom Nichols puts it, ignorance has now become a "virtue." And it takes a whole lot of it to claim you can learn 'everything' about a complex subject - like, say, nuclear weapons - in roughly 90 minutes.

Image credit: Cezary via Wikimedia Commons

Interior Design Prodigy President Trump Pronounces The White House 'A Real Dump'

President and interior design prodigy Donald Trump this week told members at one of his golf resorts that he leaves the White House a lot because it’s “a real dump.” Obviously, he must be right.

What trans people are — unfortunately — is a handy punching bag for a wildly unpopular president.

Trump's Announcement On Transgender People In The Military: An Act Of Selfish Cruelty (Shocker)

What trans people are — unfortunately — is a handy punching bag for a wildly unpopular president. This man with his approval rating hovering under 40%, with his family under scrutiny for shady financial and political dealings, with his entire policy agenda — such as it is, considering he knows fuckall about policy — in jeopardy due to grassroots opposition to it, this man is flailing around looking for a distraction.

As the New York Times’ just-happened interview with Trump shows, the guy remains ever unable to give a simple, on-point answer.

Trump's NYT Interview: Twitter Cannot Even With Trump's Hot Mess Of Answers

Trump’s ability to kick it with top-notch op-ed crews is just nonexistent. As the New York Times’ interview with Trump shows, the man remains ever unable to give a simple, on-point answer. And Twitter's had a hey-day with his responses.

Thanks to Donald Trump, our marriage approval rating has hit an all-time high.

Thank You, Donald Trump, For Making My Marriage Great Again 

Thank you, Donald Trump, for creating the chaotic environment that caused my husband and I to talk — really talk — about important issues.