Babies, pink, and feminism. Courtesy of, LibreShot

"Yes, I Can Wear Pink": 10 Things About Feminism For My Boyfriend 

Since I was a little girl I have dreamed about finding that special someone. You know, the guy who is brave enough to say those three little words: I'm a feminist.


Is Sherri Shepherd Wrongly Being Forced Into Motherhood?

The former View host is embroiled in a court case raising challenging questions about parental responsibilities.

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On Love, Christianity, Sexuality—And Pizza

A caterer's decision to not serve pizza at a LGBTQ wedding raises the question anew: Whatever happened to "love your neighbor"?


Apple CEO Rips Into LGBTQ Discrimination Laws—And It's Glorious

Outrage was sparked across the nation when Indiana and Arkansas announced their intention to enact


Comfyballs Fights For The Sanctity Of "Balls"

In the dawn of #FreeTheNipple and general Kim Kardashian shenanigans, the public has been questioning the possible "vulgarity" of female body parts

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The Violent Threat Police Pose To Brazilian Sex Workers

“There are no human rights for prostitutes. They don't recognize us as humans."


Obama To Youth: "Brah, There Are More Important Things Than Marijuana Legalization"

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