Obama To Youth: "Brah, There Are More Important Things Than Marijuana Legalization"

If we caught you mid-bong rip, let us stop you here to share this message straight from the president: Marijuana legalization should not be your political passion project. There are more important issues afoot. 

Obama recently sat down to chat with Shane Smith, of Vice News. Smith noted that marijuana decriminalization (remember: Obama favors decriminalization, not legalization) may be one of Obama's legacies. But while that's all fine and dandy, the president was quick to note that interest in the economy, climate change, and war effects should take priority over marijuana decriminalization. It's okay to care about helping the world toke up, Obama explained (except not in those words), but it should be at the bottom of one's list of concerns. 

Obama discussed other issues in the interview—ya know, like that "open letter" to the president of Iran or whatever. Yet, ironically, media outlets are fixating on his statement about how everyone should stop fixating on statements about weed.

As Smith states in the beginning of the video, Internet readers proposed the questions in the interview. I suppose that's what we get when the Internet runs the show. 

So how 'bout that climate change? California has less than a year's supply of water . . . ? 



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