End Irresponsible Ejaculation: On Protecting The Sanctity Of Life

Anti-choice folks love to say that these laws aren’t about controlling and punishing a large portion of the population, they are about the sanctity Read...
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My great-grandmother died from an infection after a botched abortion.

Banning Abortion Isn’t Pro-Life: Anti-Choice Legislation Killed My Great-Grandmother

My great-grandmother died from an infection after a botched abortion. Read...
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Rumors around Capitol Hill at the end of last week suggest that the Republicans are close to being finished with their AHCA bill, and they also think they’re close to having enough votes to pass it. (Image Credit: Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

Senate Republicans Are Planning Their AHCA Legislation In Stealth Mode

There is a working group of 14 Republican men and one Republican woman (the woman was added after the outcry about the original all-male revue-style Read...
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"Being gay isn’t a choice. The only choice I made was to follow my heart and pick love."

Becoming A Lesbian After 34 Years As A Heterosexual Woman

Our "how we met" story is a classic one. We met at work. On my second day, I accidentally sat in her chair at the weekly staff meeting and we Read...
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The writer, center, wearing a University of Kansas Jayhawks shirt with her friends

I Hate The Politics Of The Home State I Love

As a Kansas native, Governor Sam Brownback's anti-LGBT rights stance makes me embarrassed and sad. Read...
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Who's ready for an animal balloon party? Courtesy of Thinkstock

Should Condoms Be Handed Out In Prison?

Because sex behind bars happens, you guys. Read...
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Why We Don't Support The New "Rape by Fraud" Bill

Making "fraud" synonymous with "rape" could harm people who deserve a mere dose of public humiliation. Read...
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We're coming for you, SCOTUS. Credit: Thinkstock

The Possible Upside To Circuit Courts Upholding Gay Marriage Bans

All the world's a stage, and LGBTQ politics are front and center. Read...
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