I’ve compiled a supplemental list of tips for my daughters, more in line with the confident, sex-positive women I want them to be.

7 Pieces Of Real Motherly Advice My Mom Never Gave Me

While I appreciate knowing the correct fork for any situation, my mother’s relationship advice can basically be summed up as this: “There are girls who marry and girls who date. You’re a girl who marries.” (In Mom’s defense, I was a late bloomer. Since no one wanted to date me, this advice was also a form of encouragement.) Dad’s advice was a bit more literal and involved an imaginary quarter that should be held between your knees at all times. Seriously, I couldn’t make this up if I tried. So, I’ve compiled a supplemental list of tips for my daughters, more in line with the confident, sex-positive women I want them to be. I intend to shove these inside my hand-me-down copy of Pretty Me because, after all, knowing proper cutlery never hurt anyone.

I think there are some real advantages offered by moving away from compulsory heterosexuality! Image: Thinkstock.

5 Ways Being Queer Is Actually An Advantage For Me

Straight people, it isn’t that you aren’t awesome; so many of you are! It’s just that, while you enjoy the numerous advantages that your straight privilege allows you, I’d like to celebrate the little things that make being queer totally rad.

Poppies might be "natural," but last time I checked, opium's not great for you... Image: Thinkstock.

7 Myths That Contribute To The Stigma Around Addiction

How can we combat stigma? One way is to debunk the myths about addiction that currently saturate the public conversation. By breaking down these oppressive narratives, we can create an environment where people aren’t afraid to ask for the help they need to get well from the disease of addiction.

Who even NEEDS that many flowers?

5 Big-Money Mother's Day Gifts — And Their More Practical Alternatives

You’d be hard pressed to find something more meaningful to mom than watching YOU scrub your own urine off the toilet seat/floor/wall. DO IT YOURSELF. And try this, do it EVERY DAY.

You don't have to be anything just because you were in the past.

21 Things My Adult Self Wishes My College Self Knew

At age 25, I'm hardly an adult. But boy am I grown up compared to who I was in college. If I could go back in time, I'd have quite a few things to tell my former self, and save a lot of stress, time, and energy.

Simply gorgeous.

7 Ways Organic Gardening Is A Lot Like Life: An Essay With Photos

The cultivator bug bit me hard after I lost my first child. Without recognizing what I was doing, as an act of self preservation, I filled my apartment with plants. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by green, comforted by the presence of life — when I had so recently lost one.

This show was a huge part of my teenage years.

4 Reasons I'm So Fricking Excited About The Gilmore Girls Revival

I can’t contain the thrill inside me to see where these beloved characters of mine ended up in life. There is definitely some binge watching of the original seasons in store for me so that I can make some educated predications.

What to do on Adult Spring Break.

7 Things To Do Over "Adult" Spring Break, When Actual Spring Break No Longer Exists

It’s that time of year again, time to hide from your kids in the bathroom! I mean spring break. It’s spring break!