"Why does it matter what neon shade you don to be more visible to your fellow hunters so they don’t shoot you like a deer?" Image:

Pink Is An Officially-Recognized Hunting-Gear Color, And We Have Questions.

This week in “You Need A Law For that?” news, the great state of New York has passed legislation officially recognizing hot pink as a designated color for hunting gear.

Can’t we acknowledge Kardashian’s right to be proud of her own body, even if we don’t like the way she does it?

Why Trashing Kim Kardashian Is Crushing Your Daughter's Spirit

There's been a lot of drama around Kim Kardashian's nude selfie. She got a bit of smack down from some big stars such as Bette Midler and Pink who didn’t see Kardashian’s nudity as all that empowering for women. At first, I wasn't sure that I disagreed with them. I’d love to see women be both fully clothed and empowered. But my 18 year-old daughter left me with a thought I hadn't yet considered: Maybe the Kardashian beat-down is NOT the way to build our daughter’s spirit or confidence.

We live in a culture that simultaneously claims to embrace the equality of men and women and at the same time is seriously devaluing femininity.

We Need To Stop Devaluing Femininity

We live in a culture that simultaneously claims to embrace the equality of men and women and at the same time seriously devalues femininity.

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The Soundtrack To Make You Feel Like A Badass During And After Your Divorce

During the darkest moments after my split with my husband and then divorce, when I thought life would never get better, and I kicked myself for thinking I could be on my own, it was music that got me through.

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My Feminist Fails

I’m not a perfect feminist, which is consistent with my status as not being a perfect anything.

Ladies love Oscar, for all the right reasons. Courtesy of, Facebook

We Say Goodbye To Oscar de la Renta: Designer, Philanthropist, Feminist

Oscar de la Renta was an iconic designer and so much more than that.

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Watch: Taylor Swift, Jimmy Fallon Remind Us How Awkward Our Teen Years Were

Cringe-worthy? Yes. Hilarious? Absolutely.