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Support Planned Parenthood: Buy A Vibrator (No, Really!)

Yes, you can support Planned Parenthood by buying a sex toy. Really. Read...
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 I’ve always had a healthy sex drive, but once my IUD was implanted, sex was the furthest thing from my mind.

Hormonal Birth Control Tanked My Sex Drive

My libido pulled a disappearing act. I’ve always had a healthy sex drive, but once my IUD was implanted, sex was the furthest thing from my mind. Read...
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A Study Has Finally Proven What Women Have Said For Years: Birth Control Pills Mess With Your Health

We’ve been telling researchers, doctors, and anyone who will listen that we’re not satisfied with the birth control pill because of its side effects Read...
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It’d be dishonest of me to say PMDD doesn’t, in some small way, rule my life.

PMDD Is A Real & Debilitating Mood Disorder — We Need To Start Treating It That Way

Hormones cause me to amble through an unrelenting fog, a fog that takes over my life for two weeks out of each calendar month. Read...
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The truth about geriatric pregnancy? It sounds way scarier than it is.

Rav's Repro: The Truth About “Geriatric Pregnancy" 

Rav’s Repro is a column in which Erin explores all topics related to reproduction and reproductive rights. Read...
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"Would I be in pain forever? Would my periods ever regulate? Will we be able to have more children? And would I be forced to have a hysterectomy like my mother?"

I Didn't Know Uterine Fibroids Ran In My Family Until I Had Them

A quick google search revealed that fibroids are noncancerous uterine growths. They can grow very large, cause extreme pain, and often lead to the Read...
Rochaun Meadows-Fernandez    |   05.9.17   |   SHARE
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I Got HPV Because I Couldn't Have The Vaccine

I got my first three-letter disease as a result of a sinus infection. There was no way to know. No way to prevent it. I got my second three-letter Read...
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We Don’t Care About Birth Control Side Effects Until They Happen To Men

These side effects are not new to hormonal birth control; rather, hormonal birth control is new to men. Women and other folks with vaginas have been Read...
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