Keep the Grinch at bay with these tunes. (Image Credit: Briana (Breezy) Baldwin via Wikimedia Commons)

Holiday Albums That Aren’t Obnoxious

Nothing makes me get my Grinch on faster than glitter-bombed Christmas wrapping and nasally voices ringing in my eardrums at every store. The only Read...
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My poor, authoritarian conservative father nearly had a heart attack. Image: Youtube screenshot.

Sexy Songs Are Nothing New

After this, I’m not going to be able to complain about Meghan Trainor and having to teach my son that "All About That Bass" is talking about girls Read...
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The Soundtrack To Make You Feel Like A Badass During And After Your Divorce

During the darkest moments after my split with my husband and then divorce, when I thought life would never get better, and I kicked myself for Read...
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Like, who actually does this? Credit: YouTube

Watch: Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" Video Tackles The Harmful Notion Of "Crazy"

Stop calling your lovers "crazy." Read...
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America's Next Top Pornhub Idol? Our Top 5 Picks For Official Pornhub Anthem

Pornhub has a record label. Line forms to the left, folks. Read...
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Well, that looks fun. (Credit: Facebook)

TGIF! Austin Brewery Sells 99-Packs Of Beer

Take one down, pass it around . . . Read...
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Watch: Men in Heels Dominate the Very Best of the Spice Girls

So, here's the story from A to Z—two dudes don platforms and rock the streets of France. Better listen carefully! Read...
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