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How Do I Raise Boys That Aren't Like Brett Kavanaugh?

This is a hard time to be alive which means it's a hard time to be a parent. So, how do we raise boys that treat women with respect? Read...
joni edelman, RN   |   10.1.18   |   SHARE
How could I protect him? How could I raise him to be a good son? What if I couldn’t?

What If I Fail At Raising A Good Son? 

I was afraid of the world getting its hands on my kid. How could I protect him? How could I raise him to be a good son? What if I couldn’t? Read...
Patricia Grisafi    |   02.20.18   |   SHARE
Dear Oldest Son: I’m sorry...

Dear Oldest Son: I’m Sorry My Attention Is Divided Right Now

Dear Oldest Son, Life these days is all about dividing and conquering. I feel more and more like I’m dividing and conquering so many things. Read...
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Support of independent thinking isn’t as easy as it first seems.

Raising An Independent-Thinking Son

Most parents say they want their son to be an independent thinker. But what happens when that leads to thinking very differently than you think? Read...
Stacey Marmolejo of The Good Men Project    |   06.21.17   |   SHARE
The room smelled like gefilte fish, and it reminded me of the synagogues I studied in for hours on Sabbath afternoons to please my father.

Long Reads: Out Of The Picture 

A man faces his estranged father and the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community he had left behind years ago. Read...
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Long Reads
Little talks over time are better than one, big sitdown.

Why I Won’t Have “The Talk” With My Preteen Son

I know a lot of parents struggle with how to have these uncomfortable conversations. My friends and I have talked — and laughed — about our boys’ Read...
Katherine Hedland Hansen    |   12.7.16   |   SHARE
This is a rough time to be a parent.

Raising Sons In The Time Of Trump

I think we can all agree that there is some messed up stuff happening right now. It seems like every time I open my browser or turn on the TV, I see Read...
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Operation Don’t Pass on Your Problems to Your Kids continues in fits and starts. Image: Thinkstock.

Raising Resilient Girls, Or Not

I cannot believe I have already raised my young children to conform to such gendered stereotypes. It's particularly striking when it comes to their Read...
Leila Sinclaire    |   06.6.16   |   SHARE