Whatever you decide to put on your body while you are swimming with your family, have fun with it. Image: Thinkstock.

The Mombod Swimsuit Guide

The Internet has told us that instead of selling our wild summer children to a band of traveling performers, we should go swimming with them instead Read...
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I somehow manage to forget from one summer to the next just how frustrating it can be to merely exist in public spaces when it’s warm outside. Image: Yegide Matthews/ Unsplash.

Summer Shouldn't Be Open Season On Women's Bodies

I decided to spend a few hours running errands in the summer sunshine while audaciously wearing a loose-fitting baby doll dress, comfy flats, and a Read...
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The queer beach read you've been waiting for. Image: Thinkstock.

6 LGBTQ Books To Read This Summer That Won't Bum You Out

If you’ve ever tried to find books that deal with sexuality in any meaningful way — or even if you’ve simply looked for a book featuring LGBTQIA Read...
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Your beauty does not need conform to some social norm to be worthy of existence. Image: Revelist.

Be Naked All Summer — No Matter Your Body Type!

Of course, summertime also seems to come hand-in-hand with partial nudity. Wearing next to nothing out in public is just as important a part of Read...
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Aunt Ginger: BOOBS

Aunt Ginger: It's Summer! Wear What You Want, Babes! (FREE THE NIPPLE)

This week in Aunt Ginger, FREE THE NIPPLE! Read...
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Don't be fooled. She's actually pushing that child onto the bus.

25 Signs That You're Beyond Ready To Send Your Kids Back To School

"I don't know what I was smoking in June, but it's August now. I've bonded with my kids until we can't bond anymore, and I'm thisclose to booking a Read...
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11 Reasons Summer Can Suck It

If this sort of heat sounds appealing to you, you are either A. 83 years old or B. insane. Read...
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Summer Vacation: You've Made It Halfway. Now What?

My brain seems to have stopped functioning at its full capacity, and I am simply going through the motions of loading the car and unloading the car Read...
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