If you're struggling today, I see you. If you're confused and angry and afraid, I understand.

Waking Up To The Mass Shooting In Las Vegas: I Just Want To Hug You

As I often do, I grabbed my phone to scroll through Facebook. There it was. The news. A mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Ultimately, his love was stronger than my fear. And, I surprised myself to discover that so was mine.

Childhood Tragedy Made Me Terrified of Settling Down

When I was six years old, my mother and three close family members were killed in a sudden and public tragedy, hurling those of us who survived int

Protesters last week in Baton Rouge. Image: Shannon Stapleton/REUTERS.

Protecting Our Children After The Wounds Of Racism Divide Us Even More

I find myself in this place again. I am numb. I feel empty. I almost have no words.
In 2012, around the time of the birth of my son, I had a similar feeling. Trayvon Martin was killed. I was pregnant with a black male in a world that was not ready for him.

"Within this song there is defiance, empowerment and hope." Image: Halcyon.

"Can't Shoot A Rainbow/Love is Louder": A Song To Benefit The Victims Of The Orlando Shooting And Their Families

I am so pleased to offer this piece of music from one of my favorite humans (incidentally, my cousin): Deb Hunseder, a musician who has performed at Pulse. Deb has collaborated with other Florida musicians to offer this song as a tribute and benefit to those whose lives were changed forever in that Orlando night club.


After The Attacks In Orlando, Here's How You Can Actually Help

After The Attacks In Orlando, Here Is How You Can Actually Help

Just be with them... Image: Thinkstock.

In The Wake Of Orlando: How Do I Help My Child Cope With Tragedy?

When we are left to make sense of the senseless, how do we help our children navigate the same waters we tread? When the fear of the unknown incapacitates us, how can we help them to be less afraid? How can we help them to go on, even when we don’t want to? Especially when we don’t want to.


Making Sense of Germanwings Flight 9525

Tragedies take time to process.

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Lady Gaga's Sexual Assault Does Not Define Her Music 

In an interview with Howard Stern, Gaga raised a good point about how we should view her as an artist who's also an abuse survivor.