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Addiction Recovery Gave Me The Purpose I'd Been Trying To Find Through Alcohol

The sad reality is that many of us lose ourselves in addiction, and not enough make it out. In honor of National Recovery Month, I'm telling my story. Read...
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The recovery community is advocating for increased access to treatment and reducing stigma, yet the language we’re using is undermining those efforts.

How The Words We Use Stigmatize People With Addiction​

We don’t have the luxury of personal choice in our use of language when we are talking about the highly stigmatized condition of addiction. Read...
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Take The Cake: 3 Examples Of How Children Experience Fatphobia

Even children experience fatphobia. Children deserve to be treated with care and responsibility, free from the stigma we grew up knowing. Read...
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While I would never have judged anyone else for having a mental illness, I couldn’t bring myself to ask for help.

Should We Still Be Talking About Stigma And Mental Illness?

While I would never have judged anyone else for having a mental illness, I couldn’t bring myself to ask for help. Consequences of stigma come from Read...
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I Was Born Without A Sex Drive And I’m Okay With It

I first found out about asexuality when I was 19. I was born without a sex drive and I’m not particularly interested in looking for a romantic Read...
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Sex + Love

9 Things This Mentally Ill Person Wishes You Would Stop (Or Start) Doing

Please stop gaslighting me. Stop telling me that my mental illness isn’t real. Read...
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#NoShameInMyMedGame #endstigma

Destigmatizing Psychiatric Meds Literally Saves Lives

Bipolar disorder is our legacy. Not a great one, but a legacy just the same. Medications keep me alive. Destigmatizing psychiatric meds saves lives! Read...
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This one small act of including a character with clinical depression is one way of opening the door to much larger conversations.

A Television Series Is Changing The Conversation On Mental Illness

You’re the Worst is tackling depression on television with grace, understanding, and compassion. It's changing the conversation on mental illness. Read...
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