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Your Childless Friends Are Allowed to Be Tired, Too

Ladies, sit down. We need to have a conversation. Childless women are allowed to be tired.  Read...
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It’s Time We Start Talking About Death (If We Truly Want To Live)

If there is a gift of death to be celebrated, it is the possibility of reinvention. Death reminds us to view our “self” as an activity, a process. Read...
Deborah J. Cohan

Phone Calls: An Excerpt From Welcome To Wherever We Are

rauma shuffles, scrambles, and pulverizes story. Trauma dislocates, dislodges, and decimates voice. I think trauma also makes story and voice possible . . . eventually. Read...
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Rites Of Passage For Girls

Some Places Worth Leaving contains 13 short stories centering women and girls in precarious and sometimes life-threatening situations and their attempts to escape. Read...
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A Look At Joanna Valente's #Survivor

Ravishly is thrilled to offer a peek at Joanna Valente's forthcoming book #Survivor. Read...
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My Challenge List: How Embracing Challenges Made My Life Better

This article first appeared on The Refresh and has been republished with permission. 

“Six slick slim sycamore saplings and five thrifty, fun, fifty-somethings. . .” I chant along with the rest of the group as I try to slow my breathing. We finish our warm-ups and line up behind the door. Somehow, I end up at the front of the line, place my shaky palm on the door knob, and prepare myself to open it and walk on stage.

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‘You Used to Be a Guy?’

Here’s the short answer. No. I am not, and have never been, a “guy.” Read...
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Fat, Pretty, And Soon To Be Old: A Q&A With Kimberly Dark

Fat, Pretty, and Soon to be Old is a moving, funny, and startlingly frank collection of personal essays about what it means to look a certain way. Read...