Blake Lively's "Lipstick": How A Silly Selfie Made A Powerful Statement

Oh, Blake Lively. You're so silly. At first we rolled our eyes at your chocolate mouth, but then you made us clap instead.  

“This new lipstick is all the rage. 80% cocoa. 112% immature. #AdmittingItIsHalfTheBattle,” the 27-year-old actress wrote as she Instagrammed a picture of herself drinking coffee, apparently making a comment on the bold color of her "lipstick" and its appropriateness for her age. I mean, when was the last time you got messy lips and pretended it was lipstick? 

Immature? A fan of makeup? Lively doesn’t like any interview questions pertaining to these topics, apparently. (Hey, you learn something every day!).

“I hate those types of questions because I think that limits people. Whatever is you, is awesome,” said Lively in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar. “There are looks that I see on other people that I think would look horrible on me, but I think if somebody has the courage to be really daring and try something outlandish, then more power to them. That’s just encouraging and inspiring  . . . I just wish I had their bravery.”

I guess it’s hard trying new looks — even when new looks are cocoa based. Lively stressed the importance of feeling comfortable, no matter what. (Because, YAY CHOCOLATE!) 

“You can’t really go wrong as long as you’re true to yourself . . . Whether it’s fashion or beauty, if you’re not comfortable wearing it, you’re not wearing it with confidence and then the whole thing is shot,” Lively continued. “Whatever it is, if you wear it with confidence, then you look great. It’s really meant to be a reflection of yourself and who you are.”

Same goes for anything, really. You know what? Maybe now is the time to try out that steampunk look



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