Watch: Margaret Cho Flips Gender Roles

What if women ran Hollywood instead of the male-dominated executives that run it right now? We'd likely get less Megan Fox and more Margaret Cho. The esteemed comedian, whose potty mouth rivals that of sailors on Fleet week, released a hilarious video flipping gender roles. 

“52 percent of our audience is male or whatever, so they want us to beef up the character. Maybe give him a little hobby?” Cho asks her all-female writer’s room in the video, and one  responds with, “His hobby is in my pants!” The video proceeds to sexualize male characters and suggest ideas like giving him a hot guy friend, giving him a pig as a prop, writing him a sassy catchphrase, and having him wear a thong that doesn’t fit. (Come on, we've seen these in bro-flick scenarios!)

The video doesn’t shy away from topical women’s issues like the gender pay gap or that controversial Game of Thrones scene. You know which one we're talking about.

As an advocate for sex and gender equality, Cho doesn’t shy away from shocking topics, as her critically-acclaimed comedy tour, The Psycho Tour, continues to sell out. We all need a little Cho in our lives — get it here.

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