Watch: Daniel Radcliffe Turns The Tables On Sexist Interview Question

Over the weekend, an AP interview with Daniel Radcliffe about his new film, Horns, took a surprising turn. And trust us: You'll like where it goes.

Call it the curse of the child star: Since his Harry Potter days, Radcliffe has gone on to a respected career in theater and dramatic film, and yet no one seems to be able to get through an interview with him without bringing up his Harry Potter past. Lately, he has, understandably, gotten a little testy on the subject, and in the video above, he smartly points out the glaring double-standards wielded against his Potter co-star, Emma Watson.

Watson is well on her way to becoming a worldwide icon for feminist issues, appointed as a UN Ambassador for women earlier this year and the face of the HeForShe movement. Yet people still seem to have a real hard time getting over how hot she turned out to be.

Radcliffe has a history of sticking up for his friend Watson in interviews and has in the past proudly proclaimed himself a feminist. And, quite frankly, we always did think it was kinda gross that, even when Watson ranks on some sexiest-people-in-showbiz list, the blurb will still bring up Hermione.

Watch and learn, media. Watch and learn.

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