12 Of The Sh*ttiest Things Men Have Said To Me

I don’t know if men realize the comments they make on a daily basis can be quite hurtful.

I don’t know if men realize the comments they make on a daily basis can be quite hurtful.

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Women have a bad reputation for making heartless statements about other women. 

But I don’t know if men realize the comments they make on a daily basis can be quite hurtful — and offend us a lot more than a blunt remark from another female.

I’m talking about the insensitive comments and backhanded compliments women often receive from men. That one remark can instigate an argument and, before you know it, men are stating we’re “too emotional”, or they’ll ask my fave question: “Are you on your period?”

Recently I’d gotten into an argument with a male friend. He’d made an inappropriate comment about my appearance, saying I’m not as hot as I used to be. I reacted, to which he responded that my comment back wasn’t the most “ladylike."

It got me thinking about the shittiest things men have ever said to me…

1. “I wish I could build a time machine to go back to when you were hot.”

It’s a low blow any time a man refers to my looks – and I know this one was referring to my weight in particular. My weight is none of anybody’s business, and anyway, I think I still look great and have learned to love my extra bits. I find the most average men with the most dull personalities are often the pickiest with women.

Douche rating: 4/5

2. “Aren’t you going to put some makeup on?”

Insulting a girl’s appearance is the quickest way to start an argument. What do these guys think is going to happen, that I’ll say “Oh, I didn’t realize how ugly I must look without makeup on – I feel so fortunate and lucky that you’re dating me”?!

Douche rating: 3.5/5

3. “You never dress up anymore. You wear house clothes all the time!”

I don’t understand why men want us to be dolled up all the time, even when we’re at home. Not only do I often feel like crap in what I’m wearing, I’m now going to question every outfit I put on.

Douche rating: 3/5

4. “Can you suck my dick for my birthday?”

When a stranger asks me this on Tinder, I can’t help but get a little offended. What makes men think I give out sexual favors for free?

Douche rating: 5/5

5. “You’re exactly like your mother.”

Wise, witty and attractive? Thank you! If you were trying to insult me, it must mean you’re trying to insult my mother — and you definitely don’t want me telling her that.

Douche rating: 3/5


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6. “You swear too much and it’s unattractive.”

Why do men think women should be pretty, polite and cute just for their mere existence? I’m going to keep swearing and hope it keeps men like this guy away.

7. “Your pictures are so retouched.”

Making comments about someone’s appearance on a public forum like Instagram speaks volumes about the kind of person you are, not the other way around. And anyway, I’ve spent months perfecting my selfie game.

Douche rating: 3/5

8. “You’re just a girl I fuck.”

It seems some men just think women are sex dolls, and the only role we have in life is to provide pleasure to them. It really hurts to hear this, especially when you’re seeing someone and assume it’s more than a casual relationship.

Douche rating: 5/5

9. “Do you have your period?”

Show any form of emotion and expect to hear this — it’s like men can’t deal with them. Please don’t try to excuse your bad actions by blaming my lady parts.

Douche rating: 3/5

10. “I think fake tits look like shit.”

I didn’t get my boob job for you – it changed my life, for me. So please stop making comments about my body – it’s plain rude and I never asked for your opinion.

Douche rating: 3/5

11. “I regret having sex with you.”

Some things are better left unsaid – this is one of them. When I was told this, it made me want to hide under the covers of my bed and never come out.

Douche rating: 5/5

12. “Girls always go for assholes.”

Please stop acting like another person’s actions are my fault. Usually I hear this one fresh out of a breakup. It isn’t helpful or constructive, and it’s usually followed with the ‘no girl ever goes for the nice guy’ spiel.

Douche rating: 2/5

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