Dear Disney, We Demand a Plus-Sized Princess

Kids see it, we see it, the American people see it: Disney princesses perpetuate an unrealistic portrayal of the female body. Ariel, Belle and the rest of the emaciated, animated crew have young girls believing that physical perfection has one form -- and it's not a body built by chocolate or Doritos. But Jewel Moore, a high school junior from Farmville, Virginia, is calling Disney out on their narrow-minded views and narrow-waisted heroines. She’s created a petition for the cartoon conglomerate to feature a plus size princess. The petition has already reached 22,500 signatures and is clearly the next step in the movement against body-shaming and girls who don’t fit the “skinny standard.”

It's time for a new take on the royal daughter, one whose eyes are not larger than her wrists


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