Lupita Nyong'o! Let Us Count the Ways! (Be Our Best Friend)

Looking for a new bestie with an “in” with the Academy? Yeah yeah, we all love J Law and her wacky ways will always have a special place in our hearts, but Lupita Nyong’o is giving her a run for the money. For the Oscar...aaaand as our new BFF.

Historically, famous people like presenting themselves as impossibly out of reach. Beautiful and poised, they spend their lives fluttering high above our peon heads with effervescent wings designed by Alexander McQueen. So Lupita Nyong'o's meteoric rise to fame coupled with blinding beauty and a refreshing-as-a-tall-glass-of- lemonade-down-to-earth vibe makes her one of the most friend-crushable celebs around.

In her interview with Ellen DeGeneres, she gracefully glides over the tabloid rumors that Miley broke up her relationship with Jared Leto (*she didn't), coupling wit, elegance and a fierce white romper. So, Lupita, if you ever want to come over and hang out with us later and tell us every — oh, we mean every — detail of your time with super-babe Jared Leto, we’d be more than glad to help you sort out the facts over froyo or face masks.



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