8 Things Girly Girls Are Tired Of Hearing

Deal with it.

Deal with it.

What do you typically expect from a woman in a skirt and all pink? Regina George? 

We all know a woman who is fully devoted to red lipstick, dresses, their weekly blowout, and never missing out on a Sephora sale. Unfortunately, there is still such a stigma associated with being ultra-feminine from both men and women in our society...and it’s stupid.

Many are quick to assume the worst about a woman simply based on her physical appearance — that if she doesn’t leave the house without makeup on, she’s shallow; if she has a head full of extensions, she’s a ditz. It is not uncommon for false statements to be made about women that like to look typically feminine — speaking as one, I can tell you we’ve heard it all before, and we’re tired of being thrown into a box of stereotypes. Here are the top eight comments that most girly girls encounter on a daily basis.

“Want me to carry that for you? It’s heavy."

There’s a perception that women who carry themselves in a certain manner are delicate flowers. It’s a nice gesture when it comes to dozens of grocery bags, but do keep in mind that just because someone’s in a dress doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t do Crossfit in their spare time.

“What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?”

Sorry, didn’t know there was a dress code for dive bars and beer gardens. The fact of the matter is that we’re allowed to go anywhere we please...wearing a pair of heels and a dress.

“You don’t seem like you’d be into [insert unconventional activity that is generally not associated with feminine women here].”

Video games, sports, shooting guns...the list goes on. Contrary to common misconceptions, there are feminine women who do engage in these activities, and not simply for the sake of being ‘one of the guys.’ Stating that you’re shocked that another human has personal interests? Your stereotypes are showing.

“You might break a nail.”

Not all fancy ladies are created equally. Some of us are at the nail salon weekly like it’s some sort of religious experience, while others can’t recall the last time they stepped foot inside a spa. The fact of the matter is that yes, nails do break, sometimes this can be physically very painful!

“When I first met you I thought you were going to be stuck up.”

Sorry...I didn’t realize that looking put-together was a sign of being totally unapproachable. We aren’t all snotty just because we make an effort to look nice in the morning. To assume so is ridiculous.

“You’re really down to earth!”

Again, what do you typically expect from a woman in a skirt and all pink? Regina George? Don’t let the pumps fool you, most of us are pretty grounded...despite the height of our heels.

“I don’t know why you wear makeup, I’m sure you’re beautiful without it.”

(Sigh.) We don’t know why people continue to criticize what we choose to put on our faces. If we want to wear a full coverage foundation, powder, and contour every bone in our face, that is our prerogative. You do not have to understand it, so just let us be.

“Are you going somewhere important dressed like that?”

Yes, I’m going to venture out into the world as a proud girly girl. We dress up because we deeply love doing so. It’s as simple as that.

There you have it! So the next time you see someone with looks like they fell out of Barbie’s Dream House, just remember that they’ve probably heard everything mentioned above countless times before. Prior to letting one of these slip out of your mouth remember: You cannot — and you should not ever judge a woman by what she wears. She might know more about Star Wars than you do.

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