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There are so many (too many?) options when it comes to fulfilling different needs and desires in the bedroom. Image: Chelsea Yarger/Pixabay.

Don't Let Different Sex Drives Kill Your Relationship

One of you wants more sex, and the other probably hasn’t realized there was a problem. They’re not interested in more sex, or maybe they’re not interested in sex in general. But it’s a conversation that needs to happen.

“The more we lie, the less likely we are to have an emotional response that accompanies it."

Telling Small Lies Can Turn You Into A Pathological Liar 

Small lies are so easy. We use them to avoid pain, dodge conflict, save time. But all these small, seemingly harmless “white” lies are leading to a bigger problem. New research, out of the University College London, shows telling little lies desensitizes our brain to dishonesty.

She showed me exactly how powerful women can be.

I Am So Grateful To Be The Daughter Of A Working Mom 

Children of working moms have a lot to be grateful for.

Your partner knows you need their support. But you can't bring yourself to connect, or meet their needs. Image: Thinkstock.

Sex Drive: The Forgotten Victim Of Depression

Sex is not something we often hear about when talking about depression. But we should. Because it stops. Sex drive plummets.