Darlena Cunha

Darlena Cunha


Darlena Cunha is a freelance writer with bylines in The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and The Atlantic among others. She teaches journalism at the University of Florida.

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We are now stuck in a deadly pattern. And for what? For our Second Amendment rights?

Your Second Amendment Defense Means Nothing; 17 More Children Are Dead

The main push of the Second Amendment was to allow peoples who may be oppressed by those in power to defend themselves against such marginalization.

Words mean things, and these words from a Nazi cop harken back to a time of atrocious action.

The "Nazi" Cop Is From My Town, And It's A Problem

How are we supposed to feel safe from neo-Nazis if those protecting us align with them? We can easily do better than this, when dealing with this Nazi cop.

image credit: Su Mendez via Instagram

The Story Behind The Breastfeeding Photo That Pissed Off The Internet

What is it like being boob shamed and tattoo shamed 20 years after the fact?