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Debbie Weiss is a former attorney, writer, yogi and gardener. You can find her on her blog, She is currently writing a combination memoir and anti-advice manual on widowhood.  

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So, the part I don’t understand: Why does it take a celebrity to draw attention to being a widow or widower? (Image Credit: Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons)

Patton Oswalt's Engagement: What Should Grief Look Like? (And Who Are We To Decide?)

The rancor over Patton Oswalt’s engagement fifteen months after his wife’s death drives home the fact that only the grieving can decide how to grieve, or conversely, when to be done mourning. In the case of widowed people, only the bereaved can decide when they’re ready to love again.

 I couldn't recognize emotional abuse until a stranger stepped into my life.

My Wake Up Call: It Took A Stranger For Me To Recognize Emotional Abuse

Each of my boyfriend’s episodes chipped away at what we had. And each time I took him back, I lost a bit of who I was. I couldn't recognize emotional abuse.

Loneliness was the hardest thing I faced when I lost my husband. The people who reached out to me when I was newly widowed probably saved my life.

What I Want You To Know About Widowhood

More importantly, when we lose our spouses, even if we’re at our worst, our friends and family need to come closer, not leave us to ourselves. Try reaching out to a recent widow even if you don’t know her very well.

Many of us older daters weren’t brought up with the idea of consent.

Dating After Widowhood: You Can Withdraw Your Consent At Any Time

Many of us older daters weren’t brought up with the idea of consent.