FINALLY, A Bacon Emoji!

Bacon and avocado lovers rejoice! Your emoji day has come!

According to the Telegraph UK, Unicode Consortium (the body responsible for approving software standards for alphabets and other characters) has approved 72 new emoji characters.

The new emoji include some timely additions, such as silver, gold, and bronze medals in light of the upcoming Olympics. There will be a pregnant woman, which will come in handy for everyone posting bump shots on Instagram. The new hand emoji include a handshake for sealing deals online, I guess. Or maybe meeting and greeting? The possibilities are really limitless for some of these.

The big additions are in the food category, where we’ll see the much-longed-for bacon finally appear, along with clinking champagne glasses and a potato. Sounds like a meal to me!

For the patriotic among us, there’s a soaring bald eagle emoji. There will even be a clown emoji, which is no doubt going to give the clown-haters something to fear every time they open a new text message.

While the new emoji are officially being adopted by Unicode in June, we won’t see them added to Android or iOS keyboards for a while yet. Keep you eyes open for the update!

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