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A recent poll found a whopping 58% of voters disapprove of their presidential choices.

3 Independent Party Candidates That Could Win The White House And Why

All this means that, for the first time since 1992, a third-party candidate has a very strong chance of impacting election results. And if something truly wild were to happen (say, no candidate broke the 270-electoral vote mark needed to win the presidency), then there’s an outside chance that a third-party could actually win the White House.

“All it can take is pissing off one billionaire on Wall Street to make it difficult.” Image: Edward Kimmel/Flickr.

Major Wall Street Donors Threaten To Pull Support For Clinton If Warren Is Named VP

A new report by Politico’s Ben White reveals major donors to Hillary Clinton’s campaign may revoke their support of the candidate if she chooses Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren as her running mate for the general election.


TrumpSingles: The Dating Site For Donald Trump Supporters

If the first line of your personal dating profile reads: “Must love combovers, bankruptcy court, and misogyny,” have I got good news for you! There is now a special dating site just for singles who support Donald Trump.

Hillary’s “inevitable” status is not yet guaranteed.

5 Ways Hillary Could Win Over Bernie Supporters

The best way of bringing in Sanders supporters is not to berate them into party loyalty, but to steal them away.

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Polls Update: Bernie Beats Hillary, But Who Will Beat Trump?

Democrats need to nominate the person with the best chance of cleaning the floor with Donald Trump. Not just for their own victory, but for the… dare I say, survival of the country itself.

Settling for less than what you want or know you deserve sucks. However, in some cases, it’s absolutely necessary.

5 Things To Keep In Mind If You're 'Bernie Or Bust'

I wholeheartedly agree with Sanders’ supporters’ main talking point that it’s high time for the current political system and its lack of inclusiveness to be overturned.... On the other hand, since Clinton has so alienated a third of Sanders’ progressive base, it’s high time for her to rethink some things, too. Who knows, maybe challenging her to move to the left on certain issues could be even more productive than shaming the “Bernie or Bust” faction.

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Prepare The Barf Bags: Donald Trump Is Pretty Much The Republican Nominee

Throughout this long and increasingly nightmarish primary season, an argument emerged from Republican candidates who were routinely getting their butts handed to them by Donald Trump.


Trump Wins Big At The Polls, All While His 'University' Goes To Trial For Fraud

Yesterday was a smashing success for Donald Trump in the Presidential Primary. Of the five voting states – Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Rhode Island, & Pennsylvania – Trump won all five, with his biggest non-NY margins yet. I