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One human to another, we can keep the focus on compassion and empathy.

Can Empathy And Compassion Stop The World From Heading For A Train Wreck?

Yes! We can apply the brakes and switch tracks by focusing on compassion and empathy.

It's not gonna work out for Rachel and Nick. And that's great news for America. (Image Credit: Instagram/@nickviall)

The Bachelor: Rachel's The New Bachelorette!!! Also: Nick's Tears & Scary Va-Jeens

The news about Rachel destroyed this whole episode because after she was confirmed as the Next Bachelorette, nothing else mattered. Rachel is The New Queen of Bachelor Nation, her Majesty the real actual winner of this damn show. Twitter exploded with glee as the whole rhapsody trended.


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Latest Edition of “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” Delivers As Usual

The celebrities laugh, we laugh, trolls get a shout out—everyone’s happy!


Drake's Goes Undercover on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' to See What People Think of Him

Watch Drake don a beard and question unsuspecting pedestrians about himself...from peeing in a Baby Gap to crying after an awards show, it seems the public doesn't think too much of him.


Mindy Kaling on Being "Normal-Slash-Chubby" in Hollywood

The actress and writer can't understand why people assume she's a lazy fat-ass because she's not super-skinny. Neither can we.