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I went to Glamour Women of the Year Awards and took selfies with Gabourey Sidibe!

Take The Cake: Gabourey Sidibe Noticed My Hair Bird At The Glamour Women Of The Year Awards

Earlier this month I flew into JFK for the Glamour Women of the Year Awards (WOTY, for short) and took selfies with Gabourey Sidibe!

Is it worth it? Yes. (Image via Thinkstock)

Stop Telling Me To Leave NYC For A "Better Life”

The sum of a city isn’t always made up of its parts.

"Why does it matter what neon shade you don to be more visible to your fellow hunters so they don’t shoot you like a deer?" Image:

Pink Is An Officially-Recognized Hunting-Gear Color, And We Have Questions.

This week in “You Need A Law For that?” news, the great state of New York has passed legislation officially recognizing hot pink as a designated color for hunting gear.

It’s the same place, but you’re a different person. Image: Thinkstock.

Same Place, Different People

The “you” who opens their eyes in the morning isn’t the same “you” lays down their head in that bed that night. In those few hours of consciousness you have more exposure to life, you experience a world of compassion and cruelty that has the potential to change the trajectory of your entire life.

I’ve found that adulting is all the more important when you’re in a shared living situation. Image: Thinkstock.

Why I Never, Ever Want A Roommate Again

I’ve never had any serious issues with past roommates, whether they’ve been friends, family, or someone I found on Craigslist or something. I consider myself really lucky in that way; I know there are horror stories out there. But, having lived with my mom for almost a year now, I’ve realized just how much of a burden it can really be.

A simple flu shot would have changed everything. Image: Melissa Barvels.

I Didn't Get The Flu Shot While I Was Pregnant — And Wound Up Giving Birth In A Coma

A simple flu shot would have changed everything. It would have saved my family and I a lot of heartache; it would have prevented me and my son from facing life-changing health effects; and it would have granted me all of the stolen memories from that time that I now can’t get back.


Golden Girls Cafe Opening In Manhattan — Time For A Road Trip!

You all know what that means, right? Matching “Thank you for being a friend” t-shirts and “Picture it! Sicily, 1932!” tote bags for everyone! Wheeee! Oh, and cheesecake. So much cheesecake!


Watch: Brandy Rocks A NYC Subway And No One Recognizes Her!

How can a famous singer belting out The Wiz on a NYC subway get zero love?!