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Talking About "Sexting" With Your Kids

Kids may "sext" to show off or prove their love. How to discuss the consequences. Read...

The Art Of Married Sexting

If your marriage is anything like mine, your text history with your spouse is a mixture of topics, often several at once. It’s not unheard of for me and my husband to be flirting in one text and talking about what time our son’s soccer game is in the next — and those texts minute be sent seconds apart.


4 Rules To Steamy (And Safe) Sexting

If you are 18 or over, dating online and using apps, sexting might be something you do. While we hear horror stories about sexting paving the way for revenge porn, we often forget that sexting can be fun and liberating. But there are ways to do it that will make you feel not only like a sexting goddess, but also safe and in control rather than victimized.

Honey, putting your boobs on Instgram will ruin your shot at being a state representative. Credit: Thinkstock

What Does Teen Sexting Mean For The Standards Of Future Politicians?

If "everyone" is doing it, will the future be more forgiving of public expressions of sexuality?

"I wonder what creepy Internet hacker is going to do with this later?" Credit: Thinkstock

A Reminder In The Wake Of Snapchat Leak: Culpability Lies With The Hackers, Not The Pic-takers

Let's place blame where it belongs—on those who are unconscionably violating the privacy of others.


Contrary to What it Looks Like, Snapchat is Not the Preferred Way to Sext

Doesn't Snapchat seem like it was designed for sexting?


Is the Sexting Epidemic Screwing America?

According to new research, sexting is on the rise, with nearly half of singles currently admitting they’ve