Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz And The War On Dildos

Oh Ted Cruz, Ted Cruz, Ted Cruz. The Senator from Texas has been working hard this campaign season to shore up his conservative bona fides, including a memoir that talks about some of his more notable cases from when he was Solicitor General for Texas. But he skips a really interesting — nay — prurient case involving the legality of selling and using sex toys. Mother Jones ran a detailed analysis of it today and woo boy, is the internet going nuts!

Remain calm, everybody. Delgates got this.

Why Nominating A Primary Candidate Is NOT A Democratic Process

Watching recent cable news talking heads chat about the prospect of Trump/Cruz/Clinton/Sanders being “denied” the Republican/Democratic nomination, you would think that entertainment media is run by 5th graders. (Although... That WOULD explain a lot.)

No way this cute lil guy is Team Ted! His tongue is blue. Dead giveaway.

Is Ted Cruz Actually Just A Sack Full Of Lizards?  Super Delegates Explained

This election season so far has raised a series of questions.

Image: Wikipedia/Glenn Francis.

Why Spouses Shouldn't Be Off-Limits In Politics

When Americans pick a president, they are looking for someone who is right for the moment. A person who speaks for the time, who is equipped to react and respond accordingly.

Donald Trump... Well, that man shakes me to my core. Actually, not HIM, per se, but the people who blindly follow him. Image: Jamelle Bouie.

Trump Supporters Terrify Me

That man shakes me to my core. Actually, not HIM, per se, but the people who blindly follow him. The out-and-out bigots who will call me the N-word just as easily as they’d call their buddy “Bob.” The people who SWEAR they're not bigots, but support him because they believe in his promise of new jobs and deportations.

It’s entirely possible to have a top tier of campaign staffers that looks like a frat party in a sausage factory.

Guess How Much Women Make On The Campaign Trail? (Not A Lot)

Women are a big topic in politics. Whether you’re the first viable female presidential candidate, stumping for paid parental leave, campaigning on reducing access to abortion, or — if you're Donald Trump — talking about female reporters being on their period, the topic of women is inescapable on the campaign trail. You can't win an election without women. Well, women voters.

But can you win an election without any women on your senior staff?

Donald Trump. Image: YouTube.

Donald Trump Has Officially Destroyed The Republican Party

I recognize there are loads of readers who think the Republican Party’s demise is nothing to cry about. I get that. But for centuries, our country has relied on two strong, restrained parties that operate along shared political norms.

Image: Sebastian Kim for TIME

Caitlyn Jenner And The 2016 Election

Caitlyn Jenner is returning to the airwaves (cable-waves? Digital streaming waves?) this weekend with the second season of a reality show documenting her life after coming out as transgender. The promos show clips filled with drama, laughter, and many, many outfits. Soooooo many outfits.