Go the F&*K to bed.

We Should Not Have To Go To Work And School Sick

Stop going to work and school sick! Stop acting like it’s So Awesome to trudge through illness like you're some kind of Flu Martyr and go the f&*k to bed.


American Parents Are Miserable — But Not Because They're Parents

Are you a parent? Do you feel unhappy? Do you feel constantly stressed? Do you wish you could take a breather without worrying that you'd be losing pay or potentially losing your job? Is childcare eating up more of your income than any other expense?

Swipe left, LOL! (Credit: ThinkStock)

What I Learned While Tindering My Way Across The Country

A girl, her thumb, and her iPhone traverse the USA.


Fear And Loathing In The USA: Why Are We Afraid Of Cops?

Even if those muscles remain mostly unflexed, there is a potential violence that’s present in the flash of a badge or the barrel of a gun.


US Army Bans Nap-tural Styles for Women, Causes Racial Stir

Women who want to wear their hair natural must choose: protect your curls or protect your country. Because apparently, you can’t have it both ways.


Listful Thinking: America the Bikeable —Top 9 Friendliest Bike Cities

It’s that lovely spring floral and festival season and we are officially in a perfect Goldie Locks type weather situation: not too hot, not too cold, but just the right climate for biking. So which towns have the best bikeability?


Weird+Wonderful+WTF: Treehouse Battle! Elephant Saves Baby! Tooth Fairy Making Bank!

We scout out the day's weirdest news so you don't have to.