Weight Watchers

Oprah and The Pres. (Well the Used-To-Be Pres. Insert weeoping)

Oprah, Body Acceptance, Weight: It's Complicated AF

Oprah, best known for the daytime talk show she hosted for basically 50 years, secondarily known for owning 10% of Weight Watchers, has some things Read...
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Your body is not bad. Even if it is fat, it is not bad. Weight Watchers would have you believe it is.

7 Reasons Weight Watchers Is The Actual Worst (From A WW Veteran)

Food isn’t supposed to be a mathematical equation; it’s meant to nourish your body. I haven’t "point counted" since 2008... and I am still point Read...
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Beyond Before & After
Weight Watchers Black

Weight Watchers Is Back With New Nonsense

Let’s be honest for a minute, sex is pretty damn fantastic. But if you’ve ever felt self-conscious in the sack you’re not alone – we’ve heard that Read...
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The Weight Watchers thing? Stop it. Sell your shares back. Image: Youtube.

Dear Oprah, Shut Up. #bread4ever

In February, you gave me that soul-punching gaze again and told me it's okay to eat bread while we obtain Our Best Bodies. You lost 26(!) pounds and Read...
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WHY, OPRAH? Image: Alan Light

Thanks But No Thanks, Oprah #DitchTheDiet2016

Shit. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t get so sassy right now. Oprah is practically second Read...
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