Condescending Vogue Calls Cara Delevingne's Bisexuality "A Phase"

Tsk, tsk. Shame on you, Vogue. The illustrious fashion juggernaut publication has received harsh criticism after writer Rob Haskell interviewed Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Cara Delevingne interviewed her and commented that her bisexuality is “just a phase” with current girlfriend, singer St. Vincent. 

Oh, Haskell. In the July issue, he wrote: 

“Her parents seem to think girls are just a phase for Cara, and they may be correct. When I suggest to Cara that to trust a man, she might have to revise an old and stubborn idea of her — that women are perennially troubled and therefore only women will accept her — her smile says she concedes the point.”

Gird your loins, Vogue! Several LGBT advocates have demanded that Vogue’s editor Anna Wintour declare a formal apology to the bisexual community. (She regretfully hasn’t but, come on, it's Anna: Maybe she just can’t be bothered.) Advocate Julia Rodriquez has even launched a petition and it’s already gained 12,000 signatures. 

“The idea that queer women only form relationships with other women as a result of childhood trauma is a harmful (and false) stereotype that lesbian and bisexual women have been combating for decades,” Rodriquez wrote in her petition. “Vogue should have taken this opportunity to combat negative stereotypes, not reinforce them.”

Ouch. Now to clear the confusion, it was Delevingne’s parents that suggested it may be a phase, not the 22-year-old supermodel. Though Delevingne did mention earlier in the interview that she may be confused, can't we all agree that we were confused about life at 22? Or, you know, our entire lives? Delevingne's sexuality is her own, thank you very much, and it's not for us to make assumptions. 

What better way to celebrate the legalization of gay marriage than by signing that petition? Get on it, kids.  

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