Having Your "Pre-Baby Body" Doesn't Mean Sh*t

image credit @tati_vk via instagram

image credit @tati_vk via instagram

In today's news: Even the people that are supposed to be on our side have turned against us? 

Artipoppe, a company that ostensibly supports women and their babies through the sale of babywearing gear, showed their true colors yesterday by being not only totally weird, but also totally rude.

From their FB page:

Artipoppe, more like ArtiPOOP

Let's review the above quote: 

"I quite often see women who choose to stay in shape after becoming a mother being shamed about. That they do not represent reality motherhood and set a wrong example with getting their bodies back after giving birth. To be honest, I think they set a great example. I see a woman with discipline, a woman that fights for her body. A healthy body. A healthy lifestyle. Life is full of choices, flaunt it if you have it mama."

Let's also review how this woman is an ACTUAL LITERAL model.

HAHAHA. Yeah no. This is not real life.

Who actually looks like this ever?

I have never looked like this. Not Before Baby, not After Baby, not when I was 17. Never. If I put on that dress, I'd just get vomited on. If I tried to stand on those stairs to model that swimsuit, first my boobs would fall out, then I would fall into the ocean.

This is not real life, people. 


And furthermore...

A. Artipoppe, you are never ever ever going to earn the business of almost any babywearing mama by saying any of that shit. And certainly not, "I see a woman with discipline, a woman that fights for her body."

The hell. Is that discipline? What even is discipline? They "set a great example?"

I cannot. I literally can not.


B. I can't believe I have to say this again: After you have a baby, there is no body to "get back." It's not like you gave birth and your old body suddenly ran away and replaced itself with some new shitty body or some crap. It's the LITERAL same body. Just because it doesn't look the same doesn't mean you need to go find the old one.


You are fired from this job and from life.


You want to go the gym and Maria Kang your ass? Go ahead gurl. But if you do not want to wake up at 5 am or run until your toenails fall off, that is also cool. 

I cannot believe that I have to tell someone that is supposed to support women that thin ≠ healthy, that your body is not broken just because a baby came out of it, and ALSO that there is nothing ever good that can come from comparing women to each other. 


My gosh. Just, no.

Thanks to my babywearing boo thang, Emily Chapelle, who tagged me in this load of total bullshit.

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