Watch and Marvel: Workers Take 7 Minutes to Make Japanese Trains Immaculate

Oh Japan, you’re so clean. We’ve heard of Tokyo’s famously tidy trains, but we didn’t realize the cleaning wizardry that goes into these pristine boxes of transportation. Or the blinding efficiency. According to this Yahoo segment, cleaning staff is allotted a scant seven minutes to clean an entire car in between its runs.  

How do they accomplish such a feat—cleaning floors, overhead compartments, tray tables and more in such a narrow window of time?

By working super frantically, and literally running through the carts (and maybe a little bit of pixie dust). Though I watched them awe, I also felt inexplicably disgusted with myself. Especially given that the cleaners literally bow to the trains as they pull in, and to disembarking passengers who jettison their trash.

No, Japanese wonder cleaners, we should bow to you. Then harness our shame to go home and clean our abodes for the first time in . . . I actually don't know how long.


Image: Thinkstock


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