10 Ways To Make Doing Your Taxes FUN!

Think outside the box for a tax filing experience that’s truly enjoyable.

Think outside the box for a tax filing experience that’s truly enjoyable.

Ugh, doing your taxes is such a drag, right?

Wrong! Doing your taxes can be fun! You just have to get a little creative with HOW you do your taxes.

This year, don’t wait until April 14th to log onto TurboTax or drop off a crumpled pile of pay stubs at H&R Block. Think outside the box for a tax filing experience that’s truly enjoyable.

Don’t believe it’s possible? Read on for 10 mostly legal ideas that will instantly transform your taxes from a dreaded chore to your new favorite activity!

1. Hire an 80s cover band to play “Eye of the Tiger” and “Pour Some Sugar on Me” while you input your income info.

Have them really crank the volume on the guitar solo when you’re checking the “Head of Household” box. Fuck yeah, you’re the head of the household.

2. Turn your taxes into a drinking game: Every time you write the numbers 1, 2, or 3, take that many shots of tequila.

The game ends when you’re running down the street naked yelling, “You want some of THIS, Uncle Sam?!”

3. Spice things up by inviting your Tea Party loyalist uncle over and verbally itemizing your tax bill into made-up categories: “One dollar for free abortions. One for English classes for refugees. One for the War on Christmas….”

4. When filling out your tax return, add Ks to your first and last name and three or four 0s to the end of your annual income — boom! You’re a Kardashian!

5. Pretend that you’re on a first date with TurboTax and answer all of its casually-phrased personal questions — “So, did you buy a home this year?” “Have any major medical expenses?” — with flirty, evasive answers while seductively sucking on an olive.

6. Instead of writing a check or filing online, bury your tax payment at the bottom of a rural rock quarry and create a detailed treasure map leading the government to it.

7. After paying down your credit card and student loan debt, use the remainder of your tax refund to buy something totally extravagant, like a small bag of watermelon Jolly Ranchers.

8. Add together all the numbers in your annual income and enter the results into a numerology site to get a fun glimpse into your future! (Spoiler alert: You’re poor.)

9. When you find out how much your tax refund is going to be, go to the bank and withdraw that amount in $1 bills. Throw them up in the air in your kitchen while blasting “Make It Rain.” Then gather them up immediately and put them back in the bank before the overdraft charge goes through.

10. Print out all your tax forms, go to a seaside carnival, and fill them out on the Tilt-a-Whirl. It’s impossible not to have fun on a Tilt-a-Whirl! Also, try not to barf.

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