11 Mother's Day Cards We Should Be Getting From Our Kids 

Wouldn’t it be nice to get Mother's Day cards from your kids that showed they actually get you?

Mother’s Day is here again.

It’s that special time of year when your kids make the day all about you! They let you sleep in (until 6:02 am!). They bring you breakfast in bed (and spill syrup on your duvet). They give you something that demonstrates how much they appreciate and admire you (it’s always soap). 

They also may be assisted by your spouse in purchasing a greeting card for the occasion. A card that is, no doubt, filled to the gills with flowers, butterflies, glitter, and a sentimental poem that they skimmed, at best, before proudly handing it to you in its pinkest of pinks envelope.

Sweet, but….a little bogus, amiright? 

The same small person who last night at bedtime screamed in your face and licked your eyeball in rage is now handing you a floral, “You’re the Best” card on a breakfast tray. Doesn’t wash. She probably gave you pinkeye. And now she’s eating your toast.


Wouldn’t it be nice to get cards from your kids that showed they actually get you?

One of these cards and 15 pounds of good, quality chocolate should about do it

No matter how you became a mom, there’s a card to acknowledge your courage and sacrifice.

It’s important to recognize the year-round bouquet of attention moms get. Not just reserved for Mother’s Day. It’s flattering!

What a glorious holiday it’s been, soaking in the love, affection, and some REAL TALK from your kids. They get it, they really do. Now that they have self-awareness and understand everything you’ve done for them, they will surely be respectful, helpful, and tender with you for the rest of the year, right?

Right?? Hello?? Where’d everyone go? 

Aaannnd….those little villains have taken your chocolate. 

Sigh. Happy Mother’s Day.


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