TWITTER PUPPIES: The Temporary Cure For Existential Dread Brought On By Trump

Fight off creeping existential dread with puppy cuteness. (Image Credit: Twitter/@cuteemergency)

Fight off creeping existential dread with puppy cuteness. (Image Credit: Twitter/@cuteemergency)

Hello. I am writing to you from a place of rage over the House of Representatives’ misguided attempts to reform health care. They have apparently decided the real definition of “reform” is “to make suck,” and right now the majority party is engaged in all kinds of machinations to pass a garbage fire of a bill.

If I were a monkey, I would fling poo.

There are lots of real news organizations covering all of this and you should follow the action there. Politico is always good for up to the minute coverage. Also, Vox. And of course my beloved Washington Post. Also, call your Representative and tell them how you feel about all of this. They don’t know unless you tell them!

Now, that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s take a little mental break shall we? Because today is National Puppy Day! PUPPEHS GIVE ME LIFE!

There are many places to go on the internetz to see puppies. As it should be. The whole internet was really invented so that we could see pictures of baby animals any time of the day or night. Herewith is a list of my favorite Twitter feeds for sweet widdle, fuzzy-wuzzy puppy faces:

We Rate Dogs. This is probably the best account on Twitter. They just rate dogs. They are all good dogs.

Cute Emergency.  As the name suggests, when there is an emergency in your life, this account will fix it with cuteness. My kids are addicted to scrolling through their feed and loving all the baby animals.

Daily Dose of Puppies. This Twitter account will give you the recommended daily allowance of puppies. It will make you feel better because a puppy a day will keep creeping existential dread away.

Popular Pugs. Is there any breed more photogenic than the pug? I mean, really. Go look at the pictures of pugs on this feed. You will fall in love.

Puppies and Babies. Puppies and babies. Together. ‘Nuff said.

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