Do you know a SHEro? Has a SHEro changed your life? In celebration of Women's History Month we'd like to share some of our SHEroes with you.

My heart was broken. I could not imagine life without her in it.

She Is All Around Me: The Story Of My Granny, My SHEro

I didn't get a lot of mothering as a child, but when I did, it was from her. She taught me how to sew, how to crochet. She taught me how to stand up for myself, to be tough. She taught me how to make fried chicken and fried okra, which I will never make, because it's fucking gross.

All these years later, my eyes still sting when I think about what she did for me...

My SHEro: The Teacher Who Pretended To Be My Mother For The Day

When I was in third grade, my parents got divorced. My mom went back to school full-time in the hopes of beginning a new career that would support us. Oddly, this was one of the richest years of my life; my world split and shifted on its axis, and yet somehow didn’t knock me over — thanks to a SHEro (or two).

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons, Erica Jong

The Women Who Made Me The Person I Am Today

It isn’t until I actually sat down and thought about it that I realized that the badass feminist babe I am today is predominantly the creation of a mixed bag of women I’ve encountered in my life.

When I take that selfie and share it, I am saying that this disabled body is beautiful and admirable.

Why This Disabilibabe Loves Her False Lashes

I understand that a lot, if not all, of the incredulity at the femmes who fancy themselves up is veiled insecurity about alternative forms of self-expression. But I hereby solemnly swear that I do not and have never viewed my female friends who choose the path of fewer accessories as lacking in feminine graces. There are so many ways to be a woman. I feel like that’s so essential that it should be a mantra, a giant blazing sign in the sky: There are so many ways to be a woman.