Election 2016

Election 2016

The presidential election is in full swing, and everybody is talking about it! With such a historical (and chaotic) election happening, we thought we'd chime in too! With everything from policy guidelines to election-oriented self-care tips, we've got a full week of content to help you stay sane and serene in what is shaping out to be the most stressful election since... well, ever.

The toxic ripples of Election 2016. (Image Credit: Unsplash / Drew Hays)

This Election Cycle Has Ruined My Sex Drive

... the last thing I want to do is open my legs for a man to penetrate me. Or to pleasure a man with any part of my body. Even if that man is my loving fiancé, who does listen, who does understand (as best he can), who does respect me through this ongoing turmoil. It is all too symbolic of the lifetime I have already experienced of being fucked and then told to smile and politely ask for more.

 I want 2017 to be a year I spend actively fighting, instead of allowing myself to become complacent once the excitement of the election subsides.

3 New Year's Resolutions For Our First Year Of A Trump Presidency 

I could very easily slip through the next four years with blinders on and feel largely unaffected by the political climate. Which is why it’s so important for me to remind myself every day to stay in the fight. Even when it doesn't affect me personally, I owe it to my allies to remain vigilant all (four) year(s) long.

The president needs to be a person who cares so much about the country that he or she wants to help make it the best place it can be.

How To Talk To Your Kids About The 2016 Presidential Election

We need to rethink government and politics, and perhaps the best way to do it is to visualize it the way we would explain it to our kids.

"Venting to my partner, to the universe, to friends, at my computer, into the phone, toward the kitchen sink full of dishes — you name it, I had vented about the current political season and campaign rhetoric multiple times… a day. I wanted to wonder where this outburst had come, from but I didn’t have to search far."

What The 2016 Election Has Taught Me About Parenting 

While it is important to me to teach my children why I vote and have the political leanings I do, it is equally important to me that my children are critical thinkers who can decide their own political leanings when they are adults.

True compassion isn’t borne out pity, it’s borne out of a genuine desire to empower individuals, societies, to achieve their highest potential, their peace.

How To Survive This Election When You Disagree With People You Love

We are 17 days from the election. There is no amount of Facebook unfriending that is going to make you not related to your Fox-News-addicted Uncle Jeff. Your father will still be your father, whether he votes for Donald Trump or Santa Claus. In the zen tradition, I have a long way to go but if I make it until November 9th, I’m golden. Here’s my plan — but you might not like it.

Politics is rational AND emotional. Accept it. (Image Credit: Thinkstock)

The Most Important Thing You Can Do For Yourself This Election

If you find yourself feeling hurt, mad, sad, etc. about the election this year, go ahead and feel it. Cry in front of your dad. Eat some queso. When it’s all said and done, feel how you need to feel. The only way to foster a healthy relationship between emotion and politics is to acknowledge that there is one in the first place, and that it probably needs fixing.


More Than Just The Presidency: A Look At The Rest Of The 2016 Ballot 

We talk about having debate-watching parties, popping popcorn, making bets… it’s all a little weird, and probably not good for democracy.