It's no secret that men continue to dominate the world of late-night TV, comedy films and stand-up clubs. To determine what's behind an enduring gender gap in comedy, we asked leading female comedians to answer this question:
Are men really funnier than women?
Here's what they had to say.
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Some Like it Hot and Mrs. Doubtfire Prove Women Are More Hilarious Than Men

Josephine and Daphne, Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire and Tootsie agree: Women are funner than men.

If You Think Men Are Funnier Than Women . . . You're A Moron

A lot of people are simply content staying in the narrow-minded world they’ve created for themselves.

Women in Comedy: Underrated, Undervalued, Under-appreciated

Comedy is about taking the woes of life and laughing at them—and emotions are genderless.

Scientific Proof That Women Are Funny

Every argument about women not being funny can be easily debunked.

Periods Make Women Funny and Other Internet Lies

Apparently, “Are men funnier than women?” is an actual topic people actually discuss.

Women Can be Sexy and Funny

Sexiness is a significant roadblock in women being taken seriously as funny.

The Enduring Myth that 'Lady-Like' Means You Can't Do Humor 

At the heart of this issue is that what we've culturally deemed to be "feminine" is at odds with how funny works.