Breast Cancer Awareness

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, Ravishly is sharing stories from women and families that have been affected by breast cancer.

Molly Stepansky and family courtesy of Flash Bugs Studio

I Was Breastfeeding, Until I Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

I'm not a fighter, I've never hit anyone, I don't "kick ass," I don't want a "new normal." I just want to be a mom to my kids, a wife to my husband, and an eventual grandma.

Time to put on the gloves and fight.

When Breast Cancer Is Not A Question Of If  But When

In my family, it's not a matter of if cancer will affect one of us, but when. Right now, breast cancer has center stage in our lives.

Pictured: A real-life BCB.

What Being A Breast Cancer Bitch Means To Me

BCBs are loud and proud and refuse to go down easy. And quietly. We have things to say. We have things to teach. We still have life to live. And damn it, we are and we will. With one breast. With no breasts. With reconstruction surgery.

Yes, it DOES happen.

When My Husband Got Breast Cancer

Prior to his operation, B took photographs of his unmutilated body. It was way before the era of the selfie, but he wanted to document himself while he was still “whole.” Post-surgery, the affected side of his chest would bear a long scar. The nipple was gone. He was not interested in taking steps to reconstruct it.

Until you're not.

Cancer Blues: You Never Really Get Over It

That’s the thing about being a breast cancer survivor — it’s always there: it never goes away. The scars, the fear that lurks in the back of your mind like a boogeyman. You’re going along nicely, living your merry life, and you’re fine, until you’re not.

We've got some bad news for ya.

Ask A Feminist: Do Planned Parenthood And Breast Cancer Screenings Go Together?

Let this be known as the Great Mammogram Gotcha Moment of 2015. Not for the antis, mind you. For us feminists. All we need to explain this little hiccup in the Planned Parenthood defense is a little basic knowledge of medicine.

Cut it out with the pink ribbons.

6 Things You Can Do Today To Help Someone With Breast Cancer

As you've probably gathered by the explosion of pink everything, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And, while many people try to spread awareness with the best of intentions, there isn't anyone left on this planet who hasn't heard of breast cancer. Breast cancer patients need many things, but sharing silly Facebook statuses and engaging in other click-it-and-forget-about-it forms of awareness isn't one of them.