Planned Parenthood Karma, FTW!

In a move that proves karma to be the Most Righteous of All Bitches, the makers of those “scandalous” Planned Parenthood videos have been brought up on charges in connection with their operation.

After extensive examination of the videos and the activities of Texas Planned Parenthood clinics, a grand jury in Houston has found –– to the surprise of NO ONE –– that Planned Parenthood is innocent of trafficking in human organs, as suggested by the viral videos released over the summer. Instead, the grand jury found that David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, the anti-choice activists who posed as potential buyers of trafficked organs, guilty of...wait for it…wait for it… the “purchase and sale of human organs.”

That’s right, everyone. The only people guilty of breaking statues related to trafficking of human organs were the two masterminds who playacted as human organ traffickers. Because even pretending to traffic in human organs is bad. Everyone else does ZERO trafficking in human organs.

I’m sure it’s too much to hope that they’ll serve any real time for this since they can make a journalistic license defense. They’ve been saying all along that the First Amendment allows this kind of investigation and a judge may decide that’s true. But for today, I hope sweet, sweet karma sees to it that both of them are forced to pee in front of their fellow inmates, using those lidless, stainless steel jail toilets.


Image source: NARAL

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