Sex While Breastfeeding? What Say Ye?

image credit: Tasha Maile via YouTube

image credit: Tasha Maile via YouTube

Today in, Why Do You Even Care, San Diego mom and vlogger, Tasha Maile is SLAMMED for admitting to breastfeeding her child during sex. (Like, actually DURING it.)

Tasha took to YouTube to talk about getting her sex on while her baby was getting his milk on.

And in true Internet form, everyone got real real mad. 

For example:

And also:

This doesn't surprise me, people don't even like to talk about breastfeeding. Adding in sex? Forget it. 

Hands up if you've done it?

(Hand up.)

Is it gross? Is it inappropriate? Are you going to traumatize your baby with your active sex drive?

To be clear, Tasha's baby is a BABY. He's not a toddler that might pop up any moment and scream, DADDY WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MOMMY? YOU'RE TRAUMATIZING ME. This is a tiny, nursing baby. 

I have had tiny, nursing babies. I have had babies that would NOT let me put them down. 

I hear you saying, "So. You can't just WAIT?"

To which I say, you know what, sometimes you actually can't just wait. Sometimes your baby won't let you take your boob out of their mouth long enough to even pee, much less get it on. Is that weird? Maybe. Is life weird? Definitely.

Is another person's consensual sex life really our business?

So, what say ye? Sex + breastfeeding. Yay or nay?

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