BREAKING: You are not entitled to a woman's body! Even if she's famous!

Male Fan Grabs Gigi Hadid, Is Rightfully Elbowed In The F*cking Face

Gigi Hadid would like you to know that unwanted touching is not acceptable.

He's a ghost to me. He's left fingerprints all over my body, mind, and soul. Image: Thinkstock.

I Still Love My Abusive Ex-Boyfriend

[CN: emotional abuse and gaslighting, description of sexual assault.] As a three-time survivor of intimate partner violence, I hate what he did to me, but I don't hate the person with whom I fell in love — not even a little bit. My love for him will always exist.


Cop Touches Woman's Boob, Charges Her With Assault

200 bra-clad protestors have gathered in Hong Kong to protest the arrest of a woman accused of assaulting a police officer with her breast.


Woman You Are Not Free

At 21, a man feels that it is his right to grab at you, from your crotch to your ass while you are relatively sober in a nightclub. Nightclubs become a nightmare.

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Study Reveals Sexual Harassment Leads To "Insidious Trauma"

Now, what can we do to leverage this research into action?

Can we send flowers to her? Credit: YouTube

Watch: Pregnant Protester Takes Down Anti-Abortionists

"You don't know why people are doing what they're doing . . . I think this is so wrong, on so many levels."


Kesha Sues Producer Dr. Luke For A Decade Of Abuse

Dr. Luke is being accused of sexually assaulting Kesha and encouraging her eating disorder. What a peach.

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The Real Reason To Be Outraged About Domestic Violence And The NFL

Why domestic violence in the NFL is dangerous—not just for victims, but for our whole society.