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5 Ways To Get Over The Ex You're Still Obsessing Over

It's (beyond) time to move on. Read...
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Ask Erin: How Do I End Things With My Boyfriend?

I need to end things, I need to end things with my boyfriend. But I can't if every single time he starts crying. How do I handle this?

How do I get over my ex who dumped me out of the blue? (Artwork: Tess Emily Rodriguez)

Ask Erin: How Do I Get Over An Ex Who Dumped Me Out Of The Blue?

Then she told me we needed to talk and that she didn’t want this or me anymore. How do I get over my ex who dumped me out of the blue?

The best way I know to feel better when I’m low is to scrape up some gratitude.(Photo by Neil Bates on Unsplash)

9 Things To Be Grateful For After A Breakup

Finding gratitude in the wake of a bad breakup isn’t easy. Here are a few things to focus on.

"We are a species of over-thinkers. We love to torture ourselves and drown in depressing feelings. I don’t know why, but we do."

5 Things We All Do After A Terrible Breakup

Breakups are emotionally charged experiences that leave us hollow and pretty messed up. It’s not to say we won’t come back better and stronger — we always do! But, we do some thoroughly toxic nonsense before we get to that place.

I'm confused: She says she doesn’t want anything with me in the future, but she tells me she loves me all the time (and says it’s not in a “friend” way).

Ask Erin: Help! My Ex Is Sending Me Mixed Signals

Dear Erin, I am a lesbian and am currently talking again to this girl who I’ve dated in the past. She and I dated for seven months, until I cheated on her (which was obviously messed up on my part). After we broke up, she started dating my best friend who is literally the same person as me.

Why can't I leave him once and for all?

Ask Erin: My Partner's Bad For Me — Why Can't I Let Them Go?

I'd like your opinion on why a smart, formerly-independent woman can't break ties with someone who I know is emotionally manipulating me, making me question myself, uses me as an option at his convenience, is a womanizer, and admits to being a narcissist?

We are both acutely aware that despite how deep our current bond is, there may come a day to move on for purposes of our respective personal growth.

Why Are You Still Together?

My Life Partner and I are both divorced and know firsthand what a “relationship failure” looks and feels like. And, we both chose to end our respective previous marriages for that very reason. After being together for over three years our emotional, physical and spiritual intimacy continues to grow tremendously. This has resulted in a sense of continuing fulfillment beyond anything either of us have previously experienced. Yet, we are not likely to ever get married or say those tear-inducing vows.