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How To Talk To Boys About Talking About Girls

I just listened to my four and six year-old children (one boy, one girl) have a lengthy bathtime conversation about babies, growing up, monster Read...
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"It hurts me to know that what I experienced was rape, that I spent eight years denying it and blaming myself." Image: Thinkstock

Being Raped Forced Me To Admit That I Myself Had Been Sexually Coercive

It took me a long time to understand consent. I knew that forcing sex on someone was rape. I knew that one in five women would be raped in their Read...
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We thought we’d give you some handy advice on how to REALLY “turn things around” when one of us laydeez is apparently a total B and has the audacity to reject you. Image: Mamamia.

A Comprehensive Guide On How To Really Turn A Woman's 'No' Into A 'Yes'

Dear Men’s Fitness, We read your “How to turn a ‘no’ into a ‘yes'” post yesterday [as of writing], and noticed a few rogue errors. Considering we Read...
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If our kids hear us excusing rape or sexual assault in any way, they will internalize that message. Image: Krewr Studio/Pexels.

6 Ways We (Accidentally) Teach Our Kids Rape Culture

As moms and dads, we probably don’t talk directly about rape to kids, at least not until they’re older. But we’re still sending messages about sex Read...
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Ask Aunt Ginger! Consent Edition
It is my hope that we eradicate these condescending phrases and develop a better system to help survivors. Image: Thinkstock.

4 Things You Should Never Say To A Sexual Assault Survivor

Survivors need support, but often, when they reach out, they are met with responses that only cause further trauma. The impact of these responses is Read...
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Sometimes I love sex. Other times, though, I feel too trapped in my own head to do anything sexual at all. Image: Thinkstock.

How My Anxiety Disorder Influences My Sex Life

As soon as I hit puberty, I was fascinated by sex.... As I’ve gotten older (and actually had sex), my relationship with the act has shifted. Most of Read...
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We’re all familiar with the anti-rape catchphrase of the modern era, that ‘No means no’, but far less resolute when it comes to the topic of coercion. Image: Zach Guinta/Unsplash.

When 'Yes' Means 'No': How I Let My Boyfriend Rape Me

The more he pressured and guilted me, the more distant I felt from him, and the less I felt like becoming sexually aroused was even a faint Read...
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